ESTHER Ireland Grants

The 2017 ESTHER Ireland Small Grants Round is now closed. Thanks to all who applied. 


Irish Institutions are invited to apply for a small grant if they are at the early stages of linking with a Southern health institution (s) and require funding to plan and develop a partnership. They may also apply to build and strengthen existing partnerships. The purpose is to enable an Irish institution to undertake the developmental work to establish a sustainable relationship with Southern partner institution and develop a partnership based on a common vision for improving health and health care. Grants will enable Irish institutions to consult with stakeholders, assess needs, develop joint plans, establish governance arrangements, and install communications systems.

Applications are invited to develop partnerships that strengthen the capacity of the institutions to address local health priorities and unmet health service needs and will lead to improved health and healthcare outcomes. ESTHER Ireland is particularly interested in partnerships which focus on education and training; involve Irish hospitals/hospital groups, primary care and public health institutions; and counterpart overseas institutions in Irish Aid key partner countries (eg Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Liberia, Zambia). In the 2017 grant round, in addition to support for new partnerships, priority will given to strengthen existing partnerships with a longer term view, including past and current ESTHER grantees or ESTHER Partners.

The work of ESTHER Ireland is underpinned with principles of effectiveness, quality, coordination and transparency. Accordingly, ensuring the success of the ESTHER programme and the grants scheme relies on the professionalism and integrity of its partners and applicants. All grant applications are appraised by the ESTHER Ireland Steering Group

Grant details

In 2017 ESTHER Ireland is offering access to two bands of grant funding.

Band 1 will support partnership grants of up to €8,000 for Irish institutions to design, create and develop relationships with Southern entities from which a sustainable partnership will emerge capable of addressing an identified need.

In exceptional cases where multiple Irish institutions are involved in the partnership (such as partnerships involving hospital groups and associated universities) an increased grant may be awarded, up to a maximum amount of €15,000).

Institutions working within this band will be expected to demonstrate a clear focus on partnership results together with a logical contribution to a health outcome.

Band 2 provides for grants of up €8,000 for institutions which have an established link or partnership.  Typically they have already received an ESTHER Ireland small grant or are an ESTHER Ireland partner. Existing partnerships may apply for a grant to strengthen and further develop the partnership. This grant will not fund project-related activities such as trainings, mentor programmes etc.  Institutions working within this band will be expected to demonstrate clear results from the use of a previous ESTHER Ireland grant (where applicable) and will be expected to demonstrate how a further grant will strengthen a partnership that is moving towards longer term impacts and health outcomes.

ESTHER Ireland will continue to support and monitor active partner participation at all stages of the grant implementation process in particular at the grant planning and reporting stages.  Applicants are encouraged to be as clear and succinct as possible in their proposals and ensure all background documentation, including that outlined in the introduction is included in the application.

The deadline for receipt of 2017 grant applications is 21 October 2017.

If you have any queries, please email

Guidelines and information

Click here to download the 2017 Applicant Guidelines, and please also click here to view guidance on the maximum rates for daily subsistence allowance, which vary depending on the region where visits will take place.

If you have any questions about the process, please direct them to