The Secretariat

The Irish Global Health Network (IGHN) will fulfill the functions of the ESTHER Ireland secretariat, as one of its activities under the IFGH Strategy (2014-2017). A proportion of the work time of the IGHN Secretariat will be devoted to ESTHER secretariat activities. The day to day functions of ESTHER Ireland are carried out by the Secretariat. The Secretariat is currently made up of the Executive Director, Communications Coordinator (working 60%), Finance and Administrative Officer (working 20%) and two professional interns (working 30% each). The Secretariat is managed under the IGHN Executive Management Committee which meets monthly and includes IGHN Board members, at least one of whom is also a member of the ESTHER Ireland Steering Group.


See the bios below for more information on the Secretariat:


Nadine Ferris France, Operations Director

Nadine Ferris France is the Operations Director for the Irish Global Health Network and ESTHER Ireland. She is a communicator, writer, trainer and civil society activist with over 20 years’ experience in gender, HIV and global health. She has worked extensively with global, regional and national civil society networks on HIV and TB for many years as the co-founder and Executive Director of Health & Development Networks (HDN).

In addition to her experience within the NGO-field, she has also worked extensively with the World Health Organization and also lectures with various academic institutions. She is currently a member of the Programme Advisory Panel for the Robert Carr Civil Society Network Fund and the European AIDS Treatment Group. At this stage in her own professional development, she is particularly passionate about issues such as self-stigma affecting people living with HIV and survivors of gender-based violence. Nadine holds an MSc in Global Health from Trinity College Dublin.

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Joan Bolger, Communications and Events Coordinator

Joan Bolger is the Communications and Events Coordinator for the Irish Global Health Network and ESTHER Ireland. She has a background in Journalism, previously working with the German Press Agency and in the online departments of the Irish Times and the Irish Examiner.  Later, she worked in the publicity department in Tourism Ireland, before joining Concern Worldwide where she worked for six years first in New York and later Dublin. She has worked in traditional and online communications for the bulk of her career, with a recent history in cultural event management. Get in touch via email


Nor Nasib, Finance Officer

Nor is the Finance Officer for the Irish Global Health Network and ESTHER Ireland.

She has more than 10 years of experience working with auditing and accounting companies ranging from big firms (KPMG & PWC) to small private practices and 5 years of experience working in charity organisations. She is acting Secretary and Treasurer for the non-profit Amal Women’s Association. Nor is passionate about helping people in need. Her current volunteer work involves fundraising for emergency situations in Syria, Gaza, Palestine and Yemalso, as well as organising outreach and support for refugee groups and homeless living in Ireland. In addition to her experience in financial roles, Nor is also a community leader in the global south, leading women and youth groups to take part in integrations projects with local community groups.

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Abigail Greenwood, Events and Communications Intern

Abby is IGHN’s and ESTHER Ireland’s Communications Intern. Abby’s background lies in healthcare research and administration, specifically paediatric cardiology. She has worked at Boston Children’s Hospital as well as Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin, Dublin. With Abby’s BSc in Health Science from Boston University, and soon-to-be MSc in Global Health from Trinity, she hopes to further her knowledge of of health systems strengthening and disease prevention.

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Jane O’Flynn, Health Partnerships Intern

Jane joins our team as Health Partnerships Intern. Having completed a BSc in Children’s and General Nursing, she undertook an MSc in Global Health where she developed a passion for knowledge and innovation translation, as well as the health partnership approach to addressing Global Health challenges.

Jane has worked as a staff nurse on busy hospital wards and is hoping to combine her health system experience and health and disease knowledge with her newly developed Global Health awareness. Jane looks forward to further developing her skills and knowledge during this internship and is eager to contribute to the network’s mission.

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