ESTHER Ireland Accreditation


Benefit of ESTHER Accreditation
ESTHER Ireland grants accreditation to established international health partnerships which have demonstrated the highest quality of partnership and reciprocity. Accreditation with ESTHER Ireland will allow partners to participate in learning and training events to further increase the knowledge and capacity of their organisations.
Accreditation with ESTHER Ireland indicates that the partnership is committed to quality service delivery, to influencing health policy and the creation of a sustainable partnership which will have a long-term impact on health outcomes.

Accreditation Process

Partnerships looking to become ESTHER accredited must fill out the Accreditation Tool below. The tool is designed to allow partners to self-assess their adherence to each key principle for quality of partnerships. Partners are also asked to state the source of evidence for their answers within each area.
Instant feedback will be provided upon submission of the Accreditation Tool and all applications will be reviewed by ESTHER Ireland.
Partnerships that do not yet meet the criteria for accreditation will be offered a follow-up meeting to discuss their application and recommend steps to gain accreditation in the future.
Partnerships that are successful in gaining ESTHER accreditation will be awarded a written letter and plaque. A certificate will be awarded every 2 years upon reaccreditation. 
While this is a self-assessment tool, all applications will be reviewed to ensure they meet ESTHER Ireland Accreditation quality standards and audits will be carried out to ensure that partnerships are adhering to the key principles and maintaining quality partnerships.
ESTHER Accreditation/Reaccreditation Tool