ESTHER Alliance for Global Health Partnerships

Esther Alliance

The ESTHER Alliance for Global Health Partnerships was founded after the creation of the GIP ESTHER (a public French agency which is now a part of EXPERTISE France) in March 2002. The ESTHER Alliance Secretariat is located in Paris, France, and has advanced the extension and structuring of the network by holding a number of European and bilateral meetings. By 2012, almost all of the Alliance’s member countries had released operating funds to define the modalities of their ESTHER work and implement activities in partner countries.

Since its creation, the ESTHER Alliance for Global Health Partnerships has evolved greatly – from an initial focus on HIV and AIDS, the Alliance is now working on many global health priorities aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. This represents a new agenda for the Alliance, which is aligned with the international agenda in health.

Our Approach

The ESTHER Alliance is set in the general framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.
We contribute mostly to SDG 3 Good Health and Wellbeing and SDF 17 Partnerships for the Goals. Those two goals taken together highlight not only what we want to achieve (better health for all, or Universal Health Coverage), but also how we want to achieve it (through better, more equal, and balanced partnerships.)

Starting from the North-South hospital partnership model, the ESTHER Alliance for Global Health Partnerships now includes additional and complementary approaches: Twinning with institutions other than hospitals (research institutes, universities), civil society organization partnerships, extra hospital technical assistance, and information and communication technologies. External funding has also introduced new modes of action and accountability.

Theory of Change

The ESTHER partnership model has the capacity to deliver long-term results. These peer-to-peer partnerships are capable of inspiring institutions and individuals to change the way they work, improve the quality of service delivery and potentially influence health policy.

We support a variety of implementing partner institutions who are guided by our partnership principles that promote good practice. Our partnership projects deliver capacity development in a broad range of intervention areas. Our partnerships contribute to producing better evidence-based policy and practice, strengthened health workforce and institutions leading to improved quality of service delivery and ultimately to better health outcomes.

Essential documents

You can learn more about the ESTHER Alliance for Global Health Partnerships, and the projects being run by partner countries in the European Union and across the developing world by visiting their website –, if you would like to contact the ESTHER Alliance for Global Health Partnerships Secretariat for any reason you can do so at the following address:

Hala Ali
Irish Global Health Network – Royal College of Surgeons, Beaux Lane House, Dublin 2

+353 (0)1 402 8668  
+353 (0)83 402 5432