Sudanese Doctors Union of Ireland + Sudanese Society of Anaesthesiologists

Developing and Improving the Medical Practices in Sudan


The Sudanese Doctors Union of Ireland (SDUI) is registered as a non-profit organization in Ireland since 2010 and has been representing Sudanese doctors in Ireland since. Among its main mandates, the SDUI aims to foster the development of health services and medical education in Sudan. The SDUI is a branch of the Doctor’s Union in Sudan, and aim to develop and improve medical practice in Sudan by organizing scientific and educational events in collaboration with Irish counterparts. The Sudanese Society of Anesthesiologists is the body responsible for governing the practice and training of anesthesia in Sudan. Anesthesia is a relatively young specialty in Sudan, the SSA is very active in its efforts to improve standards of practice and improve patient outcomes. One of the most recent projects is the Sudan Lifebox Initiative (SLI). This initiative aims to reduce the perioperative morbidity and mortality in Sudan by introducing the WHO Safe Surgery checklist including the basic monitoring equipment (Lifebox pulse oximeter) and training of anesthetic staff in operating rooms and theater recovery rooms. The second project is the Sudan Pediatric Intensive Care Scheme (SPICS). Pediatric intensive care medicine is in its infancy in Sudan, but a field where there is continuous growing need.


Partnership Coordinators: 

Dr. Azza Kibeida (Treasurer, SDUI, Department of Anesthesia, Cork University Hospital, Wilton, Cork)

Prof. Ahmed Alsafi (Chairman of Sudan Society of Anesthesiologists , Sudan Society of Anesthesiologists, Khartoum, Sudan).


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