6th ESTHER Ireland Partnership Forum

6th ESTHER Ireland Health Partnership Forum: Global Partnerships & Networking in a Time of Change

This page presents a round-up of the 6th ESTHER Ireland Partnership Forum. Scroll down to see the full recording of the event. 

The Partnership Forum is an annual collaborative networking and learning event which showcases international health partnerships between health organisations in Ireland and various partners in the Global South. The ESTHER Ireland 6th Partnership Forum under the theme: ‘Global partnerships and networking in a time of change’ took place virtually on Tuesday 28th September 2021. The world has changed much since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and these changes have affected all global health activities, including the work and dynamics of health partnerships.

In this two-hour event, our speakers discussed:


  • Recent changes in global health and international development cooperation
  • Partnerships’ experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Current and future issues for Irish health partnerships
  • New tools to support the work of health partnerships


In recognition of the incredible work done by health partnerships involving Irish institutions and their counterparts in low- and middle-income countries, two winners of the the Unsung Hero Award were also announced:


  1. Bonface Massah​, Country Director, Standing Voice Malawi​ -​ Edenpark Surgery Dublin & Standing Voice Malawi Partnership

  2. Amel Sami​, Microbiome Docterate, UCC and APC Microbiome – APC Microbiome/University College Cork & National Ribat University Sudan Partnership

You can find out more about the Unsung Hero Award here



  • Bruce Compton, Senior Director of Global Health, Catholic Health Association of the United States
  • Jane-Ann McKenna, HSE Global Health Programme
  • Elrasheid A. H. Kheirelseid, MBBS, MRCSI, HDip (clinical education), PCert (Healthcare management), FRCSI (Gen/Vascular), FEBVS, PhD
  • Dr. Hiberet T.Belay, M.D, MICPsych
  • Professor Richard Firth, Coordinator, Ireland Africa Alliance for Non Communicable Diseases (IAAfNCDs)
  • Margaret Fitzgerald, National Public Health Lead for Social Inclusion and Vulnerable Groups, HSE


Event Recording