ESTHER Ireland Accreditation

How would accreditation with ESTHER benefit your partnership?
ESTHER Ireland grants accreditation to established international health partnerships which have demonstrated the highest quality of partnership and reciprocity. Accreditation with ESTHER Ireland will allow partners to participate in learning and training events to further increase the knowledge and capacity of their organisations. It will also allow them
to apply for grants with ESTHER Ireland which aim to further develop their partnerships.
Accreditation will allow organisations to join a network of like-minded health professionals operating in partnerships across Europe through the European ESTHER Alliance which supports peer-to-peer partnerships.
Accreditation with ESTHER Ireland indicates that the partnership is committed to quality service delivery, to influencing health policy and the creation of a sustainable partnership which will have a long-term impact on health outcomes.
ESTHER Ireland provides a wall plaque which can be displayed over the 3-year period of accreditation.
What does the accreditation process involve?
Step 1: Partners review key ESTHER documents which will help frame an understanding of the benefits of accreditation, the quality required in order to get accreditation and the ESTHER Ireland approach to partnerships models.
•Accreditation Review Matrix is a matrix to support partners to review their partnership
•The ESTHER Charter for Quality Partnership is a guiding document for any institutions undertaking partnerships and twinning arrangements through Ireland’s ESTHER Programme; ESTHER Ireland partners commit to following the Charter principles to ensure the quality of partnerships and increase impact of interventions in country partners.
•Other relevant reading includes health partnership analysis documents on the ESTHER Ireland and European ESTHER Alliance websites such as the Review of the Effectiveness of Institutional Health Partnerships and the EFFECt tool (ESTHER Effective in Embedding Change tool).
Step 2: Partners carry out a review using the Accreditation Review Matrix.
Step 3: Arrange a meeting with the ESTHER Secretariat to review the partnership.
Step 4: Decision issued by ESTHER Secretariat.
Step 5: Invitations to ESTHER Ireland events, subscription to ESTHER Ireland newsletter ESTHER Ireland partnership wall plaque is issued.
Step 6: Partners submit case studies, reports and photos to ESTHER Ireland secretariat; partners may also be invited to present their activities at ESTHER Ireland events during the 3-year period of accreditation.
Step 7: Apply for re-accreditation after 3 years; review of the partnership’s application is based on progress as documented and continued evidence of partnership quality.
Applications and queries should be sent to the ESTHER Ireland secretariat at