ESTHER Ireland attends the Geneva Health Forum 2014

GHF logoEarlier this year, the Geneva Health Forum was held from the 15th to the 17th of April. The Geneva Health Forum (GHF) is a global health conference coupled with an interactive, web based platform called the Global Health Forum Platform. It aims to bring together global health players from multiple sectors including frontliners, catalysts, researchers and policymakers. The GHF is held every year in Geneva and while this is considered the ‘world capital of health’ it is not always possible for everyone interested in the conference to attend. These videos and other multimedia available on the Geneva Global Health Platform provide the opportunity for individuals and organisations to get involved and make a meaningful contribution in global health.

During this conference, there was a focus on the ESTHER Alliance. A series of presentations in the Fishbowl Session titled ‘Assessing the impact of healthcare institutional partnerships’ was organised by the World Health Organisation and the European Economic Area. This series of presentations was split into 11 parts. Below is an outline of each of the presentations and a link to the videos of these presentations. The full playlist of videos can be viewed here.

ESTHER Fishbowl Session:

1.    Introduction
Videos 2, 3 and 4 are presented by the Southern partners involved in active partnerships.
2.    Odom Teap, (ESTHER Norway-Cambodia)
3.    Dr. Emmanuel Masaka, (ESTHER Ireland-COSECSA Zambia)
4.    Dr. Georges Wilfred Bediang, (RAFT)
Videos 5, 6, 7 and 8 are presented by Northern partners on types of interventions.
5.    Andrew Jones, (THET)
6.    Dr. Nathalie Mezger, (EEA)
7.    Julie Storr, (APPS)
8.    Eric de Roodenbeke, (IHF)
9.    Questions and Answers
10. Audience Participation
11. Conclusion

As well as this lively and candid debate on the impact of institutional partnerships there is a second set of videos about the ESTHER Alliance. These 5 interviews are more specific about the ESTHER Alliance including the motivation behind individuals and organisations choice to join the ESTHER Alliance. This video series features our own Dr. David Weakliam representing ESTHER Ireland. This video series gives a succinct insight into the rationale behind organisations and countries joining the ESTHER Alliance. Below is an outline of the 5 videos. The full playlist of videos can be viewed here.

European ESTHER Alliance:

  1. Farid Lamara, Introduction
  2. Gilles Ranguin, ESTHER France
  3. Brigitte Jordan-Harder, ESTHER Germany
  4. David Weakliam, ESTHER Ireland
  5. Ingunn Gihle, ESTHER Norway


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