National College of Ireland + Mother Patern College of Health Sciences, Liberia

The aim of this partnership to support data collection pertaining to knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours towards people with mental disorders in a population representative sample of Irish and Liberian adults over the age of 18. From this dataset, the hope is to compare knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours across (a) different diagnostic groups, and (b) different countries, to examine how Irish adults view these disorders compared to adults in Liberia. Second, the research supports and aligns with mental health policy outcomes in Ireland and Liberia. This accords well with Ireland’s policy for international development; ‘A better world’. This policy states ‘We will be guided by the need to address the gaps in education, health and nutrition, and overcoming social exclusion and discrimination’. This partnership aims to address gaps in education and health, and to overcome the social exclusion and discrimination that arises from stigmatisation of mental health difficulties. Similarly, the knowledge and data from this research will support the Mental health policy and strategic plan for Liberia 2016-2021 regarding mental health Stigma. Ultimately, better understanding of public knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours towards mental disorders across different continents will help us to develop new policies and campaigns aimed at reducing stigma, tailored to different cultures and contexts. Third, the findings from this study will have positive impact on the lives of individuals with mental illness in Ireland and Liberia. The knowledge generated from the study may promote and inform better understanding of mental illness, reduction in stigma and discrimination, and inclusive development and empowerment of persons with mental illness.