Gorey-Malawi Health Partnership News – E-Learning Modules on NCDs and Covid-19

Gorey-Malawi Health Partnership (GMHP) utilised ESTHER funding to aid with the production of 6 e-learning modules delivered via the Moodle platform. The modules cover Rheumatic Heart Disease, Heart Failure, Diabetes, Hypertension, Maintenance of Essential Health Services During Covid-19, and Clinical Management of Patients Suffering from Covid-19. The latter two modules were adapted from 14 educational videos on Covid-19 that were developed by GMHP in 2020 and delivered via WhatsApp and Facebook to 2,200,000 viewers on the continent of Africa.

These Moodle modules are used by healthcare students and non-physician healthcare workers (NPHWs) in Northern Malawi. GMHP have created approximately 12 hours of e-learning content between the two ESTHER grants on a number of non-communicable disease topics and Covid-19. These modules can be accessed in remote and rural areas also and can be updated as required. GMHP have formed links with three academic training centres in Northern Malawi to disseminate these modules (Mzuzu University, St John’s Institute and University of Livingstonia) and have received CPD credit from the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Malawi for the module on Rheumatic Heart Disease.

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